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Multi Password Recovery v1.0.9

Posted in Security with tags , , , on March 23, 2008 by patchme

Multi Password Recovery (MPR) – multifunctional password decryption, removal and auditing solution for Windows. MPR instantly finds and recovers passwords from more than 80 popular applications (FTP, E-mail clients, IM, Browsers and so on). It can also delete stored passwords, shows passwords hidden under asterisks, copies SAM file and can generate new passwords. Under W2K/XP/2K3 MPR is able to process blocked for reading files.

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Xvision FTP Keylogger v2.2

Posted in Security with tags , on March 23, 2008 by patchme

This is Invisible surveillance Spy Software tool that registers every activity on your PC. FTP Keylogger now includes the option to sends reports by FTP yourself everytime the file reaches a specified size.

Special Features :
– Captures all keystrokes.
– Records instant messengers.
– Monitors application usage.
– Captures desktop activity.
– Sends reports by FTP.
– Connecting to remote PC.
– Remote desktop function.
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Messenger Detect 2.70

Posted in Security with tags , , , on March 23, 2008 by patchme

Do you worry about whether and what your employees chat on instant messengers during the office hours? Are you curious about what your spouse chats on instant messenger? Do you want to track your kid’s MSN chat, Yahoo chat, AOL (AIM) chat, and ICQ chat? If so, Messenger Detect is your solution. Messenger Detect can sniffer and record all MSN chats, Yahoo chat, AOL (AIM) chat, and ICQ chat on your Local network. It works secretly without need to install any client software on the target computers. It’s safe to use because accessing and setting are all protected by your password. The chat logs are saved as the same format as you see in the messengers and classified by datetime. You can search and edit them directly in the Messenger Detect, and export then to a RTF file. In addition, Messenger Detect provides you 15 color themes, and reading mode as well. Try Messenger Detect now, and you will be convinced!
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SpyMonitor 2.82

Posted in Security with tags , , on March 9, 2008 by patchme

Real Spy Monitor can monitor all PC activity including keystrokes typed, web sites visited, windows opened, program executed, screen snapshots, files/docs accessed and more. It can also record instant messenger conversations including AOL, ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and capture web mail content from MSN, Hotmail, and Yahoo. The program can run in semi-stealth mode (visible in Task Manager) and automatically send logs to a specified email address. Additional features include screenshot capture and content filtering. The program does not include any documentation. Because it is sold commercially, most anti-virus vendors do not detect them. The most common form of a commercial monitoring tool comes in the form of a keystroke logger, which intercepts keystrokes from the keyboard and records them in some form of a log. This can then be sent to whoever installed the keystroke logger, or keylogger, onto the machine.

For example, you can use Real Spy Monitor to:
– Monitor Keystrokes typed, Websites visited, Windows viewed, Program executed, Screen snapshots, Files/Docs accessed.
– Log Internet Chat conversation including AOL/ICQ/MSN/AIM Instant Messengers
– Spy Web Mail Content including MSN/HotMail, Yahoo! Mail
– Prevent your children or employee from some application or websites that include special keywords.
– When you left your your PC, Record your PC actions and send them through Email delivery at set times.
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MACMask 1.4

Posted in Networking, Security with tags on March 7, 2008 by patchme
MACMask 1.4 is a IP Utility product from, get 4 Stars SoftSea Rating, MACMask enables you to change or mask the MAC Address of a network adapter for Windows NT, 2000, XP, and Server 2003 systems. It enumerates the LAN and list all MAC addresses. You can then change any of them to a new one, and even include a real vendor name. The changes will take effect immediately after you apply the new MAC address, no additional adapter configurations are needed. MACMask does not change the hardware built-in MAC-address, but the program based MAC Address, and changes can be easily undone and your original MAC address restored. It is useful for network testing and troubleshooting, as well as security testing
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Proxyshell Hide IP

Posted in Security with tags on March 7, 2008 by patchme
ProxyShell Hide IP is a powerful proxy software to hide IP address when you surfing by intelligently managing and using multiple proxies, makes you surf anonymously, protects your personal information and internet privacy. With ProxyShell Hide IP, you can hide IP address, surf the web without anyone knowing who you are, hide your own information and reading interests. ProxyShell Hide IP could also bypass restrictions if your IP address is blocked, post on bbs or send email without displaying your own IP. Key Features of ProxyShell Hide IP:

• Hide IP address to make you surf anonymously
• Unique algorithm to effectively use public proxy servers for surfing
• Use multiple proxies simultaneously to handle your surfing requests
• Intelligently optimize speed of multiple proxies, accelerate your surfing
• Automatically detect proxy errors and change proxies if necessary

• Totally automatic and easy-to-use

O&O SafeErase 3.0.1308

Posted in Security with tags on March 7, 2008 by patchme

O&O SafeErase 3 is THE solution for the secure deletion of sensitive data from your hard disk and offers you the ultimate protection of your private sphere. With just one click of the mouse you can securely and permanently delete files, folders and partitions.The motives for the deletion of files are many. Old e-mail files, internet history, file cache, financial records, company information, and private files ought to be protected from other’s access. The reality, however, is much to the contrary. O&O SafeErase puts a stop to this by not only deleting files, but by annihilating them with the help of recognized and recommended methods. In Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows 2000, O&O SafeErase will protect your computer from the unauthorized access of others to your alleged deleted files.

• NEW: Easy-to-use O&O SafeErase Wizard for Simplified Access to All Program Functions
• Secure deletion of files and folders as well as secure disposal of data in the Recycle Bin
• Secure deletion of hard disks
• A worldwide first in the deletion through O&O TotalErase of entire systems without the need for external boot media
• Secure moving of files and folders
• Five recognized methods of secure deletion
• Deletion or “wiping” of free disk space
• Creation of a detailed Log of deletions
• Complete integration into the Windows Operating system
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