Microsoft Proves Vista Is Not a Failure

Windows Vista could not be the best seller that Microsoft had planned before the coup operating system shelves at the end of January 2007, but the latest Windows client is not a failure. Quite the opposite, in fact, according to the Redmond giant, Vista has sold over 180 million resulted in its first year and a half on the market. On 17 July 2008 Microsoft reported its financial reports for fiscal years 2008 finished on June 30, 2008. A portion of any coherent income $ 60 billion in the company ‘; fiscal past year its been brought in by the division of Windows client, specifically by Windows Vista. The division of Windows client explained an income of just $ 4.3 billion in the fourth quarter of FY2008, up from 15% to just $ 3.8 billion in the same quarter of last year. Regarding all of FY2008, the income generated by sales of the division of Windows client more than $ 16.8 billion, an increase consistent (13%) above the approximately $ 15 billion FY2007. In the last quarter of fiscal years 2008, Microsoft earned a profit of $ 3.23 billion profit on its sales of Windows. Need more proof?


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