Wondershare DemoCreator v1.7.0.1


Wondershare DemoCreator – straightforward screen recording software to create flash-based screen movies used for software trainings, presentations, demonstrations, and screen activity logs instead of boring reading material. It not only records mouse movements, keystrokes along with the screenshots, but also provides sound recording and comprehensive editing capability to enhance the final output.

Feature List:


• Record actions take on an application, custom region or full screen.

• Record mouse movements and clicks, keystrokes. (New!)

• Auto-annotations and highlights while recording. (New!)

Edit and Enhance:

• Enrich with Interactivities:

• Add callout, shape, text, button and edit entry to make notes and instructions

• Add images (BMP, JPG, PNG, ICO, EMF, WMF, GIF)

• Add a master image as logo or signature (New!)

• Provide 16 kinds of animations(New!)

Enrich with Media:

• Record narration from microphone View the tutorial>>

• Add sound clips (WAV, MP3)

• Preview your edits and transitions in real-time

Powerful Editor:

• Fill elements in different ways (solid fill, gradient fill, fill with picture)

• Add text to elements (font, color, style, size, alignments editable)

• Set actions when click button and clickable areas (do nothing, continue, go to slide, go to URL, close movie, E-mail)

• Organize audio clips’ time sequence with audio timeline editor


• Resize the dimension of movie by setting width and height in pixels, and also keep the aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9, 16:10 or custom) automatically

• Set author info (name, email, website, description)

• Set frame rate, quality of output movie

• Set action (stop, loop, close, go to URL) at the end of demo

Flexible Publishing Options:

• Publish as Flash movie for sharing on web

• Publish as LMS (AICC/SCORM) compatible courses

• Export as Standalone EXE file or Autorun CD

• Export as email attachment

• Export a certain frame as an image (New!)



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