Animated GIF Producer v4.0.0

Animated GIF Producer is a quick and remarkably easy-to-use tool for creating various animations, buttons and banners that will make your website shine. You no longer need to spend money on complex video processing platforms that will take you a couple of days to learn how to make a simple GIF animation. With Animated GIF Producer, there’s no complexity and GIFs can be created ina few minutes.

Key features:
– Support for AVI, MPG, MPE, MPEG video formats;
– A built-in snapshot capture facility;
– Support for BMP, JPEG, TIF, GIF, PNG, ICO, PCX, CUR and Windows Metafiles image formats;
– Import frames from other GIF;
– Resize frames (stretch);
– Multiple animation output settings;
– Define GIF-files global parameters: screen size, background color, delay;
– Define offset for each separate image;
– Set forward and backward images order;
– Apply transition effects for images;
– Import image from clipboard;



One Response to “Animated GIF Producer v4.0.0”

  1. tapi downloadnya kelamaan kalo dirapidshare jadi maukah kamu mengirim ke email ku

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